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Back up in the spot with a hole in my skull
Bitches all around me
Lining up just to fuck so I light up the cig
Pass me the rig
Been chasing this high since I was a lil' kid
Now I'm in and out of rehab
Fuckin' bitches while we relapse
Run up on you with the ski mask
Stick 'em up
Stick 'em up
Stick 'em
Isolated, forsaken
These bitches still chasin'
Withdrawals got me achin' and shakin' and vacant
Looking like satan
Pray to the pagans to ride on some Dayton's and feel so complacent
Fuck it, get faded
Can't take the temptation
I'm killing myself all alone in the basement

[Verse 2: Lord of Loneliness]
I’m gonna pull
I’m gonna pull the mask off of my face and only my skull will remain
Look in the fuckin' empty space that is my eyes, you'll see the flames
Tryin' to step out of this fucking frame
Chemicals offered to numb the pain
Damaging certain parts of my brain
Damaging certain parts of a dame
I grab a brush and paint the rainbow until it's covered up in gray
Until it's covered up in gray
Stone globe, whole world decay
'Til it's covered up in grey
Stoned boy can't relate to the problems of today
I've been explained
I claim these graves
I've been exposed
Remain the stain
I gain new fame
Increase my chains
These fuck boys slain
Drain blood from veins

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