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[Verse 1: $NOW MANE]
Bitch, I be the $now Mane
59 shades of grey but still I fucking glow mane
No chain but fucking shining cause the diamond is my birthstone mane
Went to the store with no chains then I left the store with no change
Blew a bag of dope mane
Then blew a bag of cocaine
Looking like the crow mane
Kicking it with Brandon
No blood
Ice cold veins
Scarecrow make the escrow gain
Pimp a bitch
Got a hoe froze in and old black Mustang
Fuck a hoe
I ain't got no ring
Phone rang phone rang rang
Leave me the fuck alone mane
Yesterday I rode my bike to the moon
Or thought I did cause I was tripping on some shrooms
Smoking PCP
Scrimmy gone mentally
Meth lab chemistry
Heisenberg of the 'burbs
Talking slurred to the birds
Kicking hoes to the curb
Yung Christ here to save the world
Crucify me only upside down with rotten nails
Moving like a snail
Drinking lean with ginger ale
Police on my tail
Couple goonies in the jail
It's living hell when you chilling living well
Rather roll over 6 feet in the dirt
Just bury me with a bitch that know how to squirt, ho

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