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Dirty Vans

[Verse 1: Slick Sloth]
Slim Gucci riding with me
Mind is bending from the drugs the resonate inside my kidneys
Cigarettes, my lungs is burning like a chimney
Sticky, rolling up the 'gars
I'm in the stars from eating bars
The Lord of Mars
Said fuck a cause and fuck the law
I'm busting Gause and fucking broads and swerving cars from lane to lane
I kill in vain, my demons reign
I'm asking, "please don't make me make a stang"
I'm chanting, "$uicide done change the game"
I'm packing clips thats full of hollow things
I'm blasting
Everywhere I look I see there's suckers
Motherfuckers under covers thinking that they tougher
Call your bluff or call the cuffs to catch me
Guns is up and when I'm high as fuck I'm deadly

[Verse 2: Yung Mutt]
I am the ashes scattered amongst the sand of an empty beach
No land can save me from the tide
I am complete when the waves roll by and take me in the deep
I will dissolve
Then I woke up in the middle of a fall
Surrounded by clouds in the hall
The blunt is gone
I lost it all
I want to get high
I want to get higher
Let there be light
Let there be light
I spark the fire
From life I fucking retire
Social security ain't my desire
Social insecurity based on a liar
Murder for hire
Hire myself as the victim
Myself as the victor
Myself as the prior

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