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One Girl, Six Blades, One Night of Sin - text


One Girl, Six Blades, One Night of Sin
Six, six, six

Bitch, I be the Schizo motherfucker
Look into my eyes before I end yo' life
I must murder every day or I can't sleep at night
I hear the devil talking, know his voice so well
You wanna be like $carecrow come with me to Hell
I got the blade and the AK with the infrared
Rob a motherfucker for his fucking script of meds
Six hundred sixty-six leaking out my wrist
Psychopathic junkie, manic fucking lunatic

Thinking I should go end my life
Got my wrist laying closer to the knife
The Devil's in my ear telling me it will be alright
Swim in the blood, and I fight in these vices sacrificing
Losing my mind to the demons I'm fighting
Becoming enlightened
Not giving a fuck cause my levels are heightened
Voice in my head telling me it's okay (it's okay)
Throw the knife away

I'm gonna wipe my knife off from all of the blood, it's getting rusty
You know I'm gonna ice the sliced cuts
All of you suckas don't know how it feels to feel nothing
Put the gun right beside my fuckin temple ain't bluffing
Bitch, I'm dying every fucking night and I hope the noose hangs tight
Lucifer please hide the light
I’m blinded
All the flames ignite my soul
And my life's on the line
Ruby burn in Hell
Scarecrow falling down the open well

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