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Now i'm up to my neck with offers - text


Famine, Northside
Lil Cut Throat, Lil' Famine, Northside
Lil jit, yuh
I am known

Ate a couple jiggas with that Glock on my side
Riding, hanging out the window, screaming "Who wanna die?"
Savage lil' addict with a hunnid bad habits
Say "I need prayer"
All I need is my ratchet
Pull up, swang with the blade
Then I pray over dead prey
Banging grey 'till my grave
Milly rock, sa passe
What that mean? I don't know, took 'bout four Xans today
Sipping lean, dying slow, drugs make me feel okay
Jackal from the flames
Make a stang of a bitch like you
Fuck the 12, fuck the cops, we ain't forgot about you
Kill mo', kill mo'
Gleesh walk on a sack
Burn a half a mil' in cash
Fuck that paper, turn it ash
Walk away and start to laugh
No more, I got cash, cash, cash, and cars and broads
Hit that seven-figure mark without an A&R
$carecrow walking in the fog
Life got worse than it was before, ho

Prolly cop a script of Roxy
(Wait, we got)
Prolly cop a—
(Fuck, when we doin' this bullshit?)
Prolly, prolly cop a, prolly cop a—
Prolly, prolly
Prolly cop a script of Roxy, Oddy kinda sloppy
Got me dodging all these bodies, body bag 'em in the lobby
Dropping Adderall in alcohol, and then I pop a fucking Oxy
I'm a zombie
I'm a motherfucking dead man walking
Speak on Oddy name, it's just another dead man talking
Got these dead men stalking, copy silhouette chalky
Typing out your problems, just another red-handed hawking
Cherry flavored dick, Ruby got these chicken-heads squawking
Do it how I does it, yeah
Fuck the way they say they taught me
Please just fucking off me
Plague is pleading for diseases so y'all get the fuck up off me
Only saying cheese when I ask how much they brought me
Fuck a frame freeze
Command delete on these fucking paparazzi offspring

Text přidala wendy1134

Video přidala wendy1134

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