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Nightmare choir (i been asleep too long) - text

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(Lil Remains gon'–)
When I walk, you can hear the pill bottle rattle
Yung Christ, bitches fuck me in my tabernacle
Get so high, got a retainer on my dope supplier
Straight out of hell, and I'm the maestro of this fucking choir
2017 might turn me into a mass shooter
Pull a drive by while I'm hanging out the fucking Uber
Kill a state trooper, slice the neck of a prosecutor
Drug user, getting looser, y'all gonna bring back the Krueger
$crimmy $crimmy getting eerie when I'm off the sticky
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary crawling down the chimney
Sincerely fuck you all
$uicide, fuck 'em we ball
Sincerely fuck you all
$uicide, fuck 'em we ball
Sincerely fuck you all
$uicide, fuck 'em we ball
Sincerely fuck you all
$uicide, fuck 'em we ball, hoe
(Yung Plague, Yung Plague)
Yung Plague opening up heaven's gates
Let it rain brains
Chain made of fangs
Never speak my seventh name
Combust into flames
I been here since men lived in caves
I gave fire to the apes, called it a day
Ash my blunt on top an ancient ruin
Smoked the sphinx out
Gather the masses to tell 'em that God is dead
I can prove it
Pointed at the pyramid and moved it
Who been making waves and used it to put out the flames that you've been lighting
Try igniting, but you blew it
Plague been making waves and Christ took out a nail and threw it
Climbed off the cross
Pointed at his head and said, "just fucking shoot it!"
The crowd's about to lose it
Let me make this one thing lucid
$UICIDE the fucking movement
$UICIDE is what I'm choosing

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