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[Verse 1: Slick Sloth]
$carecrow, $carecrow
I be riding with a couple sluts who like cocaine laced in their blunts
Like cocaine blown in their butts
Stack them up and then I fuck
Hit up Navi, where the addy?
Popping them xans got me swerving the Cadi
Wrecking the valley
Creeping the alley
Just got a phone call said I'm flying to Cali
Hit the show and bust it down
New kings of the underground
Pills I keep on chewing down
Got me feeling like I'm mother fucking Jesus now
Hold up shawty
Fuck your party
Only sipping lean tell her keep all that Bacardi
Risen out the pits of hell in the cornfield where the $carecrow dwells

[Verse 2: Black Smurf]
Hustle god seen so many motherfuckin dollars god damn
504 pour up them [?] know we bump that 3 6 (?)
In Memphis, we smoke bust cigars & know we bump Three 6
Catch me I'm smokin an eighth with Oddy tag team shit (?)
I'm violent with an open mind so better hope some weed lit
I'm tossin my profit
New mortgage, I can get it, one phrase: "I'm hustlin"
For duckets, might come and jump ya
For nothin I start constructuin
Nigga like me ain't never had so a nigga like me snatch and grab
Tryna get the last laugh
Wake up and get to this cash, yes, the hustle the god read for madness
Can't be trusted if left alone what it is though nigga
Put the fam first how it is go figure
Bet I'll get the last laugh at the end zone nigga
Out here till the end like a field goal kicker

[Verse 3: lil oozing]
Murder on my mind
Yeah bitch I'm back just like a spine
Time and time again I stop the clock and turn to slime
Resurrected from the ooze you gonna lose when messing with mine
Dressing in all black
Grey thing strapped to the back of your head
Ima blow your mind
I know you mine
See that road closed sign
Passed that where the ghosts grow spines
Bitch I blow some pine
Yeah your life you'll be handing me
Come try and damage me
Hope you know the devil runs in my family
Settle the score
It's better when you see rigor mortis
I act like a Taurus but move like a tortoise
It's probably from all the lean Slick imported
He poured us a cup when we got on the tour bus

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