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Ridin' in the 3rd with the all black tint
Smoke one, hoe, get high with a pimp
Kick the front door, bitch, better bust down
Sippin' on dip while we break down the loud
Just know one thing, I don't fuck with nobody
Case fulla shells with a 12 gauge shotty
TRAP HOU$E $CRIM, bitch, I could give a fuck
Ridin' round town with the 9 on tuck
Never hesitate if I gotta go and bust
Dare a motherfucker to try and act tough
Hunnid motherfuckers that's all ready to rush
Hunnid motherfucker's that's dying to light 'em up
Live from the land where you 6 feet deep
Before you even die, just standing on your feet
Gold teeth with a grin that will make a bitch wet
5-0-4, keep the choppa on flex
[Verse 2: 7TH WARD LORD]
Bitch, I'm from New Orleans, aye
7th Ward Lord cutting guts with a sword
Yung Mutt 'cause I'm half fucking foreign, aye
Give me the blunt, bitch, you wasting all the weed
Pass it around, use my lungs as the storage, aye
Pitbull in the yard, stay away from my gate, that's a motherfucking warning, aye
20-inch spokes like a platinum switchblade, aye
Ice on my wrist, help the swelling go down from the slit, you can find me in the motherfucking tank, aye
Five hunnid degrees, 4 dollar signs, dial up my line, I'm on the east bank, aye
$uicide left the blood on my shank
*59 Yin Yang, aye
[Verse 3: KirbLaGoop]
Hunnid thou, hunnid thou, $uicide, $uicide
Who you think you fucking with? You done lost yo mind (Lost yo mind)
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM (Do do do do do)
That’s all you hear when I step in the room (Ha ha ha)
Boy I jugg, jugg, jugg (You can check my right wrist)
Every day in the kitchen, watch me flip (WHIP WHIP)
I can cook, I can cook, Betty Crocker (I’m a baker)
Got them cakes and I serve pills like a doctor (I got prescriptions)
I’m on the corner, on the corner, fuck the corner (Man, fuck that shit)
I’m in the house, serving weed like a farmer (I’m a farmer Jon)
I got crops, I got crops, long ass crops (Long ass crops)
And I got hoes, I got them bops (I got them bitches)
Hunnid thou (Hunnid, hunnid)
Hunnid thousand (Hunnid, hunnid)
Don’t try us, we just start wyling
$UICIDEBOY$ with the Kirb (Kirb)
What you talking? Absurd (Absurd)
Tryna try us, what we gon' do? Put yo brains on the curb
No play, all day in FLA (Okay, bitch)
You can try that shit, I’ll put yo face on a t-shirt today, damn

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