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[Verse 1: LIL LONELY]
Ruby stay at home on a Friday night
Hoes blow up my phone
Tell 'em that I'm quite alright
I might forget that my pimp game is weak sometimes
And if you slip you fall in love
Now she's gone
Now I gotta ball
Flex on Adderall
Sex on Tramadol
I guess I'll try 'em all
As I recollect the records I collect
Most of the artists wished for an early death
I will give it my all
Yes, I will give it my best
Anything to replace all the static in my chest
But I know she won't be home
I feel so fucking broke
I'm lethal
I bleed foam
And seep smoke

Tryna join the 27 club
So many times tried to get off the subs
Yung inebriated Lil' Half Cut
Both knees are shaking from the mass drugs
I put in my body everyday daily
Ex on my mind when I start masturbating
Somebody save me because I have no patience
When it comes to death I'm not trying to be waiting
Not trying to be slaving for no vacation
Not trying to be you or that bitch that you're dating
Save all the faking
I'm just rolling smoking with my two cups
Still losing
In between if I'ma fold or blow up $uicide is what I'm choosing

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