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[Verse 1: Yung Scarecrow]
I’ve got these vices that keep me locked up inside a craze
Nothing suffices I'm always hoping for rainy days
This day and age medicating’s my way to meditate
Pre-meditate then I kill the bitch on the second date
Welcome to hell what I scream as I rise and levitate
If I had the chance to die I would not hesitate
I’m with the robbers gripping choppers to kill a fucking copper
When I'm on suboxone I’m toxic
Don’t give a fuck who watching
I'm rotten inside a box
Lil woadie you gon recognize
Lucifer on my block and Satan's gonna ride tonight
Scarecrow would you please, oh please just give me a wish
Cut my wrist and fuck my bitch and then take me in the abyss
[Verse 2: Yung Plague]
Hot boy from the 7th ward
Ready to burn it all
Hot boy with them devil horns
Making them angels fall
Hot boy pounding heaven's door
Breaking down all the walls
Hot boy here to settle scores making my enemies crawl
Yung Plague bitch
I got a thousand ways to make you pay
Fucked your bitch
I stole your whip and drove it in the fucking lake
You a simp
Swing and miss
I'm a wave
Slit your wrists
I'll tell the reaper got another one for you to come and take
Black in my eyes got the black in my lungs
Grey in my mind as the black fungus grows on the back of my tongue
Swallow a soul now I'm back in the trunk with the blast from the pump
Back from the dead, but I'm black from the sun

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Grey Sheep EP

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