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[Intro: Norman Atomic & Tag]
This a $crim beat
This a $crim beat
My bad
Oddy Nuff The $now Leopard
DJ $crim with that 808
[Verse 1: Norman Atomic]
Slightly overrated means I'm over being rated by cops, critics, cynical assholes that ain't creative
My styles jagged, but my attitude seems jaded
Like a diamond that shine has really faded from sitting on some chick's finger too long
I'm in the basement huffing paintings of animals in cages
You ready?
I've been waiting
Oddy Nuff will leave your body shaking, probably aching
Man, fuck a vacation
My narration of your duration ends in mutation with starvation and salvation
Now, what's the translation?
I'm the mother fucking rapping Patrick Bateman
Freddy and Jason
Spitting campfire
Michael Myers
Leatherface with an army of vampires
I'm so tired of whack rappers thinking they're fresh when I'm so flyer than a gnat's nest resting in sweat
I bet you get the threat
Take a deeper breath and don't forget to mother fucking catch it
I'll bite a chunk out your neck, take your head and detach it and that's it
[Hook: Norman Atomic]
Ain't smoked my weed today
Got some hoes and lemonade
7th Ward, West Bank
Busting gars, blowing dank
[Verse 2: Anthony Mars]
It's that junkie that you heard of
Snort some dope, then maybe slap a bitch
Not talking females just them rappers on that bag of shit
Pimp macking shit
Hoe's on that X and they chewing
Used to have that work, just ask any junkie who using
Cadillac cruising
Abusing some dope
That heroin so soothing
With a black bitch who claim Cuban
Hail Mary
The white 2Pac rocking some white tube socks
No nose ring, just tats, and two Glocks
Make a beat with them faders
Drop some acid to laugh while I decapitate you
[Hook: Anthony Mars]
Ain't smoked my weed today
Got some hoes and lemonade
7th Ward, West Bank
Busting gars, blowing dank

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