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Leave Your Things Behind II - text

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Allow me to collect myself
I'm all over the place
Put my brain on the shelf
Throw me away (throw me away)
My hands always hiding my face never knew why
I guess it's cause I feel erased
Sever new ties
I'm best when I feel I'm replaced
Get the glue
Might have to clean up this mess tonight
Black skies
Not a star in sight
That's why I get scarred from light
My demons escape to the place where there's blue skies
They leave me behind with no trace
Get the noose tied
My neck snapped and my body hangs in the new light
The end only comes when it's time
Baby, I've longed to see you
Baby, can't think of nothing but you
I'm caged in
Walls cave in
Sinking I, I can't swim
Do you think of me when you're fucking him?
Do you think of–
Because it's only you I want
I'm hurting, I can't front
Seems like I can't get enough of you ripping me apart
You got me broken and on my own
Hoping you call my phone
But you're blocked because I'm trying to move on
To be frank, I fell in love with a hoe
But I need you

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