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[Intro: Lil Yo & LIL MURDER]
North Memphis, North Memphis
North Memphis, nigga
North Memphis, North Memphis
North Memphis, nigga
North Memphis
North Memphis
[Verse 1: LIL MURDER]
Watchin' the sands of the hourglass
Sharpen the blades for the circumstance
Sit in the dark while I'm in a trance
Takin' that blade, then I let it pass
Through my wrist, blood just drips
Down and down and down, don't stop
Then my blood starts to clot—my heartbeat has been stopped
Urge to kill, pop more pills, robbin' the pharmacy
Mentally ill-ah killer, blood rivers fill my vision
That black-eyed midnight dweller
Bring my prey back down to my cellar
More bodies than a serial killer, not scared of no pigga
Point 45 blow through my temple
[Verse 2: JAMES $PLEEN]
Cover the whole world up in ash
And then laugh at the fact that I destroyed the past, fade to black
All my racks stained with back pain
All my gold chains in blast range
Ask myself, "Do I lack fame? Or am I famous 'cause I lack pain?"
Numb to the stains, numb to the game
Numb to the racks that they gave me, fuck it all, I take it back
Take it back, take it back
Material world, usin' diamonds and pearls as a means of self-worth
When I could die tomorrow
Return to the earth, $uicidal since birth
Fuck a leader, I follow the promise of dirt

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