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[Verse 1: Yung Mutt]
Fucking puto uh, uh, uh-hu!
Rolling backwoods in the back of the woods
Bitch, I'm back, light the woods
Never looking back
Bitch, I'm good
I be that 7th Ward Lord
With them 7-4 swords cutting seven foreign whores, ho
Me and Smurf got a fucking problem
Slick took too much Neurontin
Now his fucking head is throbbing
Feeling wavy like the fucking coast
Popped one then gave two to Ghoste
Grey the suicidal host

[Verse 2: $crim]
I'm smoking dope, aye bitch, you know that I'm that fucking junkie
Bitches tryna fuck me
Lucky if I let 'em suck me
Smoking Cadillac dope in a berry leaf
Laying in the cut I promise you won't even see
Selling indica, lil' boy I got it for the cheap
If I get it for the two you get it for the three
Every time I hit the scene these hoes is all on me
Every time I'm sipping lean I usually got it free

[Verse 3: Black Smurf]
(Damn, damn!)
It’s Hustle til I die (Hustle!)
I chase the cheese like Chester Cheeto (Hustle!)
There’s so much heat I stick your finger (Hustle!)
But dare you to play the stick-up? (Damn, damn, damn!)
Play the robber at the druggie? (Wayye!)
Yo' body they gotta pick up (Wayye!)
Shawty official (Waaayye!)
Used to being hustled to get your chips up (It's hustle!)
Who’s to say I’m the villain no pistol check on me, only fists up (Damn, damn, damn!)
My ten pack of gorilla with bullets the size of missiles (Damn, damn, damn!)
My pimp hand [?] (It's hustle! Ayy!)
Come to my Hustle family it’s over I blow the whistle (It's hustle! It's hustle! Waayy!)

[Outro: Black Smurf]
Oooh, waaay! Oooh, way!
Hahayye! Squad!

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