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Bitch I'm in Russia playing roulette at a casino
Bitches calling me Yung Maraschino
But I'm selfish with the fucking Pinot
Direct them out my fucking face I think I'm Tarantino
Codeine in my San Pellegrino
Sniffing up Pacino
Take a trip to Reno
Dropping acid but it ain't Amino
Now I think I'm Dan Marino sipping cappuccino
All of a sudden I see mosquitos
Bloodsucking ducking bugs coming from below
One of them turns into my P.O
So I fire off a shot and then I fucking reload
Thinking I'm a hero
Next thing I remember I was in a hospital bed
Gun blast to the head looking like a zero
Now I'm surrounded by flames like I was Nero

It's that thuggish ruggish $uicide
Every day my momma cries
She knows I wanna fucking die
Always asking who am I
Shoot and die I never miss
Scarecrow creepin' in the mist
Put that gun up to my lips
Fill my mouth up with the clip
The everlasting triple 6 fuckin' murder killer
Prescription filler
Ain't a thing to rob a drug dealer
Underwater savage creeping through the lake like Jason
59 mobbing deeper than the Free Masons
Ripping and killing these bitches I swear you gonna feel the pain
Never did fuck with no snitches and I put that on my daddy name
Covered in crows
Up I glo'
Call up Snow to roll that dro then up I go drifting in smoke
Anxiety creeping through my body I'll prolly pop another Oxy
Tony with the Tommy, I'm Walking Dead just like a zombie
Feel like Yung Heath Ledger
Put the razor in my mouth
Cut a smile on my face
Do you like how I look now?

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