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Krewe du Vieux (Comedy & Tragedy) - text


Ruby really rev up, now stacking up gas
From the Wal-Mart wall
Make some platinum plaques
From depression, the profession that happens so fast
Take some dabs last night now im back with no wax
Always gotta get fucked up, I can't last one day without fucking it up, Fuck it ill consume whatever pills are better, whenever they go and get stuffed, ill match it because if im in the lab [?] goin' thru' my skull
Aye, walkin' to the CVS with VVS's
Drippin' on my chest, bright white lights make the diamonds dance
But they also reveal my face without a mask on
What a mess, lookin' for a reason but I wanna rest

[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
Lil $lick jumped in this bitch, tell me Ruby got a problem
Emo bitch suck your dick like shit punk rappers
Smokin' dope in Los Angeles in the Corvette back it up
Park it like, fuck it die a junkie
.45 on me at all times, bullet with your name [?]
Ride my for the sake of $uicide
You see anybody riding with me in a chevy? (No)
I didn't think so, Stay solo, Stay Dolo
Lights go dim, Low key im, all alone and, sit on a throne
Of illusions
Every drug i'm on I start abusing
Every drug i'm on I start abusing

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