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King Cobra (Drippin') - text


(Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
I'm the—)
I'm the type of person to burn alive while on a sinkin' ship
Flickin' ash out of my lash
I know what y'all been thinkin' bitch
$UICIDE, fuck 'em all
I'm drenched in gasoline and lit
Then $lick will grab a broom and tell y'all fuckboys gon' and sweep the shit
I don't give a fuck about the internet
(The internet?)
Motherfuck the illusion
Y'all confused
Don't get my image yet
Six-six-six for life
Grey my fuckin' army stripes
Y'all keep flossin'
Y'all keep ballin'
All y'all caught up in a net

Call your patrolman
I've been programmed to fear no man
You see these tats all on my face?
I don't have no care
I walk around in any city like my home there
You want war, motherfucker, but yet to declare
Hop on a chariot
Ridin' through heaven
I'm aiming a .45 at your God
$carecrow the scariest
Cut-Throat the deadliest
Frozen $hogun at my side
Every night rise and die
Grey five nine the parasites
Who am I? Antichrist
The one who makes Hades' flames ignite

Catchin' top in the whip
Just take a look at me
I'm booted and ashy
Talkin' down bout a stupid bitch
Lookin' for a stupid lick
You really new to this
Been on my bullshit
Gucci linen draped on my women
Sinnin' with women out here pushin' limits
Worry 'bout me you stupid nigga
Stack digits, aye
Up my heat in public
Air 'em out if they get ignorant
Left 'em heaven sent
His partner called on Christ, but he irrelevant
Lurkin' the pit
Die 'bout my shit
Just look at my wrist, ain't no slits but it drip
Ronda Rousey in the Audi with me
Knock a nigga out for me
Love that bitch

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