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[Verse 1: YUNG PLAGUE]
Slit my own wrist, bitch, I been killin' shit
Bitch, pick up ash off the blunt when it spill
I ain't paying for shit, I got three hunnid pills
Palm full of pills, I might die any day, hope I die with no will
There's a way to escape, it's called digging your grave
I don't chill with nobody, or meet face-to-face
I'm just waitin' in here until I can creep outta my cave
Don't try and save what cannot be saved
I cannot be saved, 'cause I am a slave to my own mistakes
I hope I fade away like a memory fades in my brain
Pray that I slay all the prey, blade that drains my fucking veins
Satan, please save me today
I break away, now I've escaped
[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
Slumped up off my habits, wit' two full metal jackets
I'm that Slenderman up in yo' closet, panic when you think about it
That grey-haired thuggin' lil' shawty
Paranoid, can't be too cautious
Roll up, finna blow on this dope
Could be heron, could be smoke
Either way, I'm gonna blow
Numb 'till I can't feel no more
R.I.P to the one they call $lick
D-I-E when you fuck with the clique
Pull up quick with the sticks, empty clips
Then I dip with your bitch, made her suck dick
She was shit, I got pissed so I didn't hit
Just hit a lick, hit the whip and then I dipped swiftd swift

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