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In Order to Cast a Shadow You Must First Ligh.. - text


On my deathbed with like four bitches
On my deathbed-
On my deathbed with like four bitches
Every time I smoke I gotta light four swishers
How many times I gotta fucking say it?
I don't fuck with motherfuckas 'less they talking payment
I'm in the basement and I'm chopping up a fuck boy
Body bags in the back of da truck boy
Soulja rag wearing I don't give a fuck boy
Needle sharing with my cousin in the cut boy
Blood spiller it's the killer straight up outta Hades
Satan's son riding round in a new Mercedes
Everywhere I go these bitches tryna have my baby
Everywhere I go the motto's always fuck you, pay me

[Sample: The Devil's Advocate]
Let me give you a little inside information about God
He's a sadist!
He's an absentee landlord!
Worship that? Never!

Leopard print on all my body looking like a fucking punk
Between the middle and my trigger finger is where I hold the blunt
In my other hand, I hold my nuts and then let out a grunt
Throw a flame upon that Chevy, no, it ain't a fucking stunt
The money-the money-the money is all I want
Slick breaks in the back while I hol' up the front
I break in her back while I hold her and pump
I'm slumped like a monk, yeah, my trunk is vacant
Ruby da Cherry is very impatient
I ain't got no time for no mother fucking waiting
5-9, grey devil, bitch, we blazing up the basement
Keep fuck boys locked up in cages
They ain't seen the sun in ages
Counting cash, I'm turning pages
Constantly fucked up, life is wasted

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