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I Want To Believe - text


I want to believe

Bitch boy back up off me before you catch these hands
You're in the pit
Don't give a shit and off a couple tabs
Extend my fist and bust his lip
Fuck no I can't relax
Put on my mask and rob the trap just so I can relapse
Coming to end your fucking life
Straight out the fire to terrorize
Look in my eyes
This your demise
Fuckboys going to die
Straight out the wild
Bound for the mile
$lick the mortified
The devilish child with a crooked ass smile
Welcome to the night

I want to believe

Grey- Grey blade
Grey camo rag wrapped around my face
Yung Plague dodging ammo
Animal instinct to erase
Dragon ashing blunts in my fucking talons
Grab 'em
Drag 'em to the fire
Let 'em burn up
We ignite 'em
Plague robbing graves
Laced blunts with fuckboy brains
Plague up in flames
Let the ash rain
Ash king reigns
Plague so fucking insane
Don't touch my fucking lane
Don't brush my fucking mane
Go tuck your fucking chain

I want to believe

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Video přidala wendy1134

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