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I'll Pay for It (If I Want It) - text


[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
Fucking Ruby got a blunt with a flame at the tip
Got a brain with a slit
Got to get it zipped before I feel the pain of the split
No that ain't a dame, that's a bitch
Put the blame on the dick
Walking with a lame leg limp
Put my name on a blimp
Eating steak couple shrimp
I'm an ape
I'm a chimp
AK banana clip
Make a pimp pay me for his bitch and then I slit her wrists
All day same shit
Spray mist
Gang grey
Dead fake boys floating in the lake
Now I'm late got to dip
Take a piss
Purple motherfucking stain
Sipping gasoline on a plane
Matching me I'm a flame
Blowing up
Glowing up
Fuck what you motherfucking claim bitch

[Verse 2: $lick $loth]
Big bank take lil' bank
It's the colonel of the fuckin tank
Smoke til my mind go blank
Drop a couple pills in my drink
Fuck you mean
Got the sprite with the codeine
Half dead but I look clean
Motherfuckers know the routine
When I'm creepin up in they scene
Quarantine all the hoes hide all the dope
Young Scarecrow grippin on the calico
Let 'em know I ain't nobody to be fucked with
$licky on that fuck shit
Run quick mothafucka know I bust quick
Yung Christ mothafucka know I run shit
Fuck the hoes
Fuck you
Fuck the money too
I don't fuck with none of you

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