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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
Like my bitches dead, bullet to the head
Fuck a FED
Swanging on the slab
Get them sprayed with the 12 gauge
Coming out my grave where I lay
Trigger finger foreplay
Sipping on a four, kick the door like the night before
Lay them on the floor then I'm ghost
Welcome to the most, triple six, devil shit
Satan lay me down to sleep
R.I.P. six feet deep, $uicide be on the creep
I'm just a young GIF walking with a limp
R.I.P. to Pimp, sipping dip, take a trip to fuck your bitch
That triple six, Hades sent
Smoked a hunnid blunts laced with junk, $uicide just hit a lick
And now I'm sitting on the couch—house is like a drought
No one fucking in it, fuck my life I'm fucking finished
I'd let my soul diminish if I hadn't fucking sold it
Promised everything, that's how the Devil fucking wrote it
[Verse 2: Oddy Nuff da $now Leopard]
($now Leopard, uh)
Slipping back into the back
Ruby da Cherry don't know no slack
I hack up another track and subtract that from my fucking stack of scraps
Me and $loth are fucking whack, and I hate the fact that we rap
I just want to find a gap so I can fill it with my sap
Don't give a fuck about the cash
I just want to ash and laugh it off whenever I be thinking about the past
Living life every day like I died yesterday
Stunting like I'm paid
I'll tell you right now I've got a gold chain but its fake
And I don't even wear it anymore
I just want to close my eyes and die
Leave my body on the fucking floor
When I say I'm on my grind, it's not because I hustle
It's because I grind my fucking teeth until the blood puddles
I'm a hot boy, got a hot head
Yeah, my blood fucking bubbles
Got a snakeskin belt tied around my fucking neck
But, I broke the fucking buckle

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