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Yes, that is the clique-ah
Grey 'till the day I die
Bitch, I be that Christian resist-ah
Blood spill-ar
Cup fill-ar
Come hith-ar
Meet the sharp side of my knife become the blood dripp-ar
Cunt splitt-ar
Blunt ripp-ar
Never front, bitch-ah
Unleash the fucking clip-ah
Pistol gripp-ar
Bitch dipp-ar
The Devil motivate me, bitch, I see him every day up in the mirr-ah

Break yourself or go to Heaven
Step into the depths of Hell the Devil is the lovely reverend
Triple six up in my veins $uicide lays in my vision
Burning down the graceful church and cursing all of Mary's children
Rose up from the burning flames
Now look me straight into my eyes
Fucking with the G*59, I promise this is your demise
Head inside unleash my bodies hanging from a tree
Fucking with the Devil's son I be the Hellish entity

Run my fade mane, what it do?
$licky creepin' in the night lurking close to you
I know you hear my axe scrapin' as I tread the ground
Start to locking up your doors when I roam the town
Keeping a couple pills up in my system
Pullin' up screaming
"Who gon be my victim?"
Shoot the red bone as I light up the torch
Blood on my Chevy all from this foe
Could've been you but I quick scoped
Wondering hoe, who the fuck you?
Just a lil' bitch who gon fuck up my mood

Text přidala wendy1134

Video přidala wendy1134

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