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[Verse 1: RVMIRXZ]
Keep my name up out your mouth unless you wanna fucking die
Look me straight into my eyes and see the Devil's deep inside
Creeping slowly out the shadows with an Uzi and a nine
Tucked away inside the flames is where G*59 will reside
Deeply in love with the murder
Looking for bodies so I can just hurt em
Throwing they ligaments inside of rivers
I'm pumping the Glock, and I'm pulling the trigger
Not giving a fuck about my life
Throw me in the pit
Laying inside of a bathtub let me slit my fucking wrist

What you want
Run or you duck
50 bumps until I'm slumped
50 pumps until you done
$carecrow bathing in the blood
Nicotine smoke in my lungs
59 bodies in the trunk
They throwing shade I shoulder shrug
They wanna hate don't give a fuck
Catch me running with them thugs
My whole mouth filled up with slugs
My whole life involved with drugs
Looking for the right one you lucked out
From the bottom of the darkness
Bodies dead in the street
I can show you God is dead
Come take a walk with me

[Verse 3: LIL OOZING]
The Devil in me got an easy job
Demons in my head I must confess they speak in tongues
Speaking of my lungs they seeping blood from cheifing blunts
7th Ward hot boy choppa drums
Dragon breathin' in the sun
Reaper cheating me but I'm resisting existence for fun
Diamonds gleaming in the flame
Ruby untamed
A pistol whipin piston
Pistol whip a pussy just for fun
Just for fun I got a blade I call KO
I cut them guts like you a slut

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