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[Hook: Lord Infamous]
Bullets knocking niggas down, insistin' what he seekin'
Scalping me more damn fools than a lunatic mohican
Stalking, watch me, a weaponary master
Walkin' over dead bodies layin' in the pasture

My money always gone
Prolly from all the drugs caught in my palm
Slide em down my throat and swallow without water
Dead by dawn
I told yall all these dark rooms in an empty house ain't nothing fun
Drugs ain't for turning up
I take em now i'm turning numb
All these hoes trying to make me cum
But i'm too fucked up
She left so now i'm rolling blunts out of the book of Psalms
Fucking rap game Ghengis Khan
Bodies piled up on the lawn
Checkmate on all these fucking pawns
The devil got my picture drawn
The devil got my picture drawn

[Hook: Lord Infamous]

[Verse 2: LIL HALF CUT]
Weaponary master, $carecrow in the pasture
Burn the church and flip the cross then blast the fuckin' pastor
Bitch I be that bastard these other rappers scared of
Jump a motherfucker, I ain't tryna have no fair one
Lurking at the bottom cause my problems keep on adding up
Got a couple stalkers all because the $carecrow fucked them once
Kreepin' with Ruby, he turns into Uzi
Cause motherfuckers keep on tryna get buck
One shot to the head, told Uzi he's dead
Leave them to rot never cover them up

[Hook: Lord Infamous]

[Verse 3: EDDY BAKER]
Little bitch don't trip I’m the shit
Flip the zip, make some chip
Really quick fast money yeah I love it
Eddy Baker stay thuggin, smoking out in public
Dope boys in my circle, we all got drugs man
Blue dolphins make the girls give me hugs man
Don't worry bout where I'm at bitch, I'm not your husband
An eighth in my blunt and that drink got me buzzing
That pussy nigga think that he want problems but he doesn't (really?)

[Hook: Lord Infamous]

[Verse 4: Fat Nick]
Prescription drugs, misusing 'em
These dusty hoes, abusing 'em
I'm popping percs and sipping lean
Just feeding demons inside me
30 shot these Glocks gon' pop
You said you balling, where your knots
Made a fortune, whipping pots
Re up on carol city cause Canada, Canada
Run it up, fuck it up, media
Thugging and thumping, go and knock you off
I flick out my dick then I go and I dump her, I love the bitch
Never just shut up and buckle up, how ya’ll saying ya’ll the shit
Your numbers ain't lookin too lit
Fuck you up, go and stomp you out
In ten thousand dollar outfits

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