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[Verse 1: $LICK $LOTH]
7th Ward posted with Lil Uzi ducking handcuffs
Got my whole body itching bitch because I'm trammed up
Rather put a bullet in my brain before I'm slammed up
Pimpin' out the Chevy swisha in my pimp hand, bruh
Not too concerned with fucking hoes I rather just curve a bitch
$uicidal thoughts stuck in my head
Depression permanent
I'll murder you then fuck yo' ho and then proceed to burn your shit
Slickity Sloth the fucking menace and the extortionist
[Bridge: LIL UZI]
Ruby with the uzi, oh no
Picking up an O for a bitch I don't know
Ruby so wavy, need a bigger rowboat
Row row row, motherfucker, you a slowpoke
[Verse 2: LIL UZI]
Snow leopard tethered, I know so
He shackled with straps made of leather from polo
His tenure dependent on more snow
More glow from the rope that holds his throat
Free my soul and send in the po-po
Maybe it'd be better with no globe
No pope, no robes, no dope, no hope for humanity
Meant to end tragedy
$uicide ain't for vanity
No honor or majesty
Oddy the hoe Leopard stays solo

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