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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
You say you flipping dope
In the trap with your ho
But see I'm bout that murder
Catch a body with the burner talking this and that
Triple 6 in the sticks with a Soulja rag
$uicide B-O-Y ain't no compromise
Walking round looking like I'm from Columbine
Homicide's glorified on my side of town
Better have protection if you fucking walking round
Me and Oddy catching bodies then we rolling gaudy
Always foggy when I'm creeping black all on my body
You say you driving Maserati but I call your bluff
Always murder then I rob 'em money ain't enough
No money ain't enough

[Verse 2: Hu$tle God]
Creeping, sparking, thinking maybe if I, if I shoot
Just take this Nine, and plead defense, but my life I will protect
I don't rock for selfish niggas, .45 [?] chest
I'll have you running, man, I guess that's why you so upset
You think you're hard, huh? Lil boy, say you with the shits
Until your dogs at your door and run all your chips
[?] on the floor, ya' partners gon dip
Then put them lights in his eyes, bury a snitch
I'm moving Hector he just playing with it
He pussy
A couple bands'll have ya layin still
Don't push me
The hustle god ain't with the chitter-chatter, boy what's happening?
We talkin'? Lil boa, we can make it happen
It's nothin'

[Verse 3: Yung Mutt]
Back in all black
Bitch, Give me that backpack
Fill it with a sack and a stack
And that's that crack in the pack
Bitch, I need to backtrack
Real talk, need a trackback?
I'ma need the cash
I'ma need the weed
Need to ash
I'ma need the green
That's dope and money
Smoking honey
All mac pack in a black Cadillac
Ain't nothing funny
Ain't no handouts, ain't no biting
Stick your hand out—I'll start slicing
Advising sacrificing all you lice and I start pricing
I'm tasting ice and lemonade in paradise
I'm icing Sprite and Lean enticing me till' I KO
I might be Tyson

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