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[Verse 1: Lil Choppa]
Stay in the cut on the Northside
Hollow-points, trigger fingers on my fucking .45
Demons risin' out the crypt, I snort me a fat line
Never gave a fuck, grew up out the mud
Pull up, then I pop the trunk
Grew up with the fucking robbers, always kept the mask on
Motherfuckers gon' die if we keep the mask off
$uicide when I ride, bitch, $carecrow the walking shadow
Mozart with no piano, kill when I'm Sleepy Hollow
That mystic motherfucker that's addicted to prescriptions
Xanax for the panic, mental problems you can add in
Multi-million owned business—you just signed a deal, bruh?
Three years passed, still broke and you ain't paid up
Dollars I ain't touched yet, burn it for the fuck of it
Infamous lunatic, you? You just suck dick
Cut Throat with the deathwish, raised where the savage lives
Straight out the death pit, to keep alive the triple six
[Verse 2: YUNG MUTT]
Ruby such a Misfit (Uh)
Hollywood Babylon, can't resist it (Nah)
Fuck a cop, bitch, I'm duckin' all these piglets (Bop)
7th Ward be my motherfucking district (7th Ward)
Yeah, I still got my motherfuckin' wrist slit
Bleeding like a pissed bitch, schemin', I'ma hit licks
After lickin' hits of acid in her fucking split lips
Wig split, just a fuckin' tidbit, dick itch from ingestin' pill bits
Blue bill sick of snortin' powder
I'ma ditch this hunnid for five twenties
TSA keep testin' my money, now I'ma dip quick (Later)
Find me a thick bitch (Wait)
Tit gripped, tip gripped, dick spit in her thick hips, fuck
Fuck with me, bitch, I'm a-fucking-'dicted
And I don't really give a fuck what it is
Told you already that Ruby can't resist it
Big clip to my head, watch that shit drip

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