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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
Creeping at night ready to take your fucking life
Roll the dice
Never think twice
Killing these bitches will always suffice
187 drinking redrum
Murder to me is fun
Ski-mask and the gloves I feel no love
Fear no one
One shot they done
Pistol grippers bag with zippers
$uicideboy$ come equipped with pistols
Holding the tec
Blade at your neck
In the middle of the street hollering out who's next?
Buck 'em and stuff 'em leave in the sheets
To a player like me, 6 feet ain't deep
Dead dope fiend with a pound in the seat
Fuck police and fuck your peace
Capping and dapping that uzi be slapping
Fuck all that scrapping your brain I'm attacking
Just loced out sipping codeine
$uicideboy$ bitch trick or treat

[Verse 2: Lil' Oozing]
Slick told me light em up
Thought he meant all the blunts Smurf was fucking piling up
Now I'm high as fuck
Now I can't tell whose my enemies
Good thing I got 10 of these felonies cause by my separate identities
Sending me to the loony bin again I sin with no penalties
Kick it like a fucking centipede
Creeping crawling with no remedy
I'll piss on your fucking centerpiece
Smoke in this bitch
Now I'm smoking a bitch
Yeah I'm loading the clip
Put the roach to my lips
Now I'm blowing a kiss to your bitch
Drop dead in a pit
You should have already known what this is

[Verse 3: Black Smurf]
I see ya lookin'
Wants to see how I’m doing it boy
Ya might’ve lowered your seat to be [?] wanna plot on me boy
I fill you up come playing [?] to beat the life out your boy
Says you’re a gangsta playing games is what you might as well be doing
He on the [?] behind them bars of them boy
These streets a trap
No coming back when you walk through them doors
Remember all that shit these streets
They let me butcher your whole gang
He be like really different shit never given [?]
Long as I ain’t a [?]
We roll the gas
Smoking at a hotel Like Lil' [?]
Packing on heat but a nigga still eat
Cali kush got a nigga feeling like Jesus yes
Smoke every nigga I will confess
I’m addicted to the weed and cess
But man, it’s my wish to be rich by death
It’s Hustle

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