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[Verse 1: Anthony Mars]
Red tears run down my scattered face
6 blunts rolled laced
Holding the pace with fate
Hand on the wheel with my foot on the clutch
Made a deal with the devil just to get my dick sucked by 6 different bitches
Watch them switch up
Triple 6 lynches
Tie the rope up
Abusing narcotics because my life is chaotic
Don't even get no fucking pleasure whether or not its erotic
Into my grave I left my conscious there between the pistol and the blade that I had used to end my fucking fate again
I swear
[Verse 2: Norman Atomic]
Hades born and raised I'm choking in the smoky blaze
I'm drowning in the local lake
I make them frozen how I flake
Draped in purple velvet cloaks
Ruby stones up in my crown
The Earth will be my fucking throne
Ruby drowned and Pluto was found
Three-headed dog locked up in the pound
But I let them out every once in a while
Give me what you got and I'll put it in a pile
Burn it up then I smile
All I got is stomach bile
Number dialed
Nile flooded
Putting out the fucking fire
[Verse 3: Key Nyata]
Life been gettin a little longer
Still keeping money in my bag, I’ll loan ya
These niggas lyin, girl they all baloney
Most fake and the rest corny
Call up shorty, kill a nigga for me, yeah
I used her for this bait
Get to 4 deep
They’ll be wonderin' who’s recording
Cause I made it look super sporty
Kill for sport and pop a 40
I don’t say shit, cause they know me
I call your bitch, cause she wanted to blow me
Got the money, yeah nigga show me
Got the strap and the sawed on me
Got this cash, and it’s all on me
If you beefin nigga, I gotta 40
Then pop pop then you all gone yeah
Then you all gone yeah
Call my phone yeah

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