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Yeah them ice caps meltin'
Bitch I'm sipping glacial water
Yung frozen shogun, raised by polar bears
About to slaughter with the chosen blade
I throw 'em in the frozen lake
Woolly mammoth clothing
Covered in a hunnid broken chains
$now Leopard or Yung Plague
We both the same
It just depends on who I'm dealin' with
I beat the piss out of myself then knot the rope then hang
Bitch it's snowing blades
I cut myself from soaking in the rain
Range Rover coated grey
Chauffeur driving
All bones and veins
Mowing lanes
Shoveling snow I'm colder than a grave

This shit I can't figure out
Is it that murder that's making my urges increasing much further to stack up my body count?
Don't sweat the beretta that's cocked at your head
I treasure the terror that I'm striking down
Satanic the posse
The triple six
Fifty Nine
Looking like Columbine
Defining my decline
The Yung $carecrow creepin' round your block at night fall
Just a cycle of a psycho who will smite all
Bitches in body bags
The psychosis is taking over
Pop in Mercedes
Xans my diagnosis has made me colder

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Video přidala wendy1134

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