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[Verse 1: $carecrow]
Scarecrow rising
While devising
My master plan to move in silence
Live through violence
Blood flow driving me to kill a fuck boy hiding
Manic schizo
Life dejected
Don't think im soft 'cause I'm depressed bitch
Just infected
Just neglected
Always rejected
But respected
Lucifer's first born of the fallen
Triple Six scream bodies calling
I've evolved into revolving my own way of problem solving
Murder murder druggie junkie
Body burning if I'm lucky
Flames of hell that burn my flesh
Suicide I scream 'til then

[Verse 2: Yung Plague]
Fuck boy wanna talk shit
Put the Mac 10 in his mouth
Just the tip
Zip up my brain
666 stiches I feel the pain
No shame
Just saying
Big bang I'ma Saiyan
Who knew Yung Plague wouldn't freeze in the tundra it's true
Hot as a block when the cops know the spot
Cop a rock and then crack in his top leave him blue
Now your skull got a big crater
See you later alligator
Bring the bodies to the swamp
Leave 'em as bait for the chomp and I’m gone

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