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Clouds as Witnesses - text

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Staring at the water looking like a bunch of satin
Look into my eyes and all you see is motherfucking static
Toe tagging
Bitch I'm bagging up the dope
No ratting to the po
Acting like you shy
Reading the Latin quote across my fucking throat
Hoes go "Oh no, heard this motherfucker likes to give burials and I don't know if I want to go with him, he invited me into his home"
Gave her the number to my phone
Told her Dial up 666 if she need to get a hold of me
And hopefully, she'll give me a call when she is home and free and lonely
Phone rang twice but I missed both calls
I was hanging in the hall toll-free
[Verse 2: $UICIDE CHRI$T]
Got a pocket fulla stones, watching Game of Thrones
Bitches on the phone, telling me she home alone
Motherfuck a future, counting down 'til I die
Days roll by, I just wanna get high
Never ever sober need drugs for my composure
Lookin' like I'm dying laying back on the sofa
Six feet deep, three gold teeth
Zero fucking hopes for this young tragedy
Days of our lives, watch 'em roll by
Whole fucking family got bloodshot eyes
Scripts in the kitchen right next to the dishes
Finger fucking bitches listening to No Limit
West Bank soldier, straight up out the NOLA
When it come to this shit, ain't a motherfucker colder

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