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[Hook x4 ]
Slide for the free, kill for the fee
Pull out the stick then I pull out the ski
Put a motherfucker face on a white tee
That’s what a nigga get being P.I.E

[VERSE 1: Ruby da Cherry]
Bitch i came here to destroy
Everything i touch turn grey
I'm lacking coin
Slit my wrist so i get paid
Fuck them other boys
I'll slap them in their fucking face
Knot the noose they think they're grey
Endless bites like a buffet
Grey *59 great white
I'll chew on your bitch and then end your shit all in the same night
Don't fuck with them fake types
I be just like moses
I make my own way like i'm parting the ocean
I'm part of the ocean
I be like a tidal wave crashing on shore in slow motion
These hoes get wet when i pull out the net
Leave em on deck just to dry then i gut em whenever i feel fucking hopeless

[Hook] 4x

[VERSE 2: $witchblade $crim]
Put a motherfucker's face on a white tee
Riding in the Honda while i creep with the G
Lil uzi with the AR-teen
Hit em then we dump the bodies in a 6 foot stream
Red dot beam
Woeful king
Fiends on my line every time the phone ring
Since eighteen
Sipping codeine
Promethazine covered all on my spleen
Aqua marine trapping out of the water
My alma mater is the school of the slaughter
Every since i first heard "Wanna be a Baller"
Dreams of whipping Dubs on the Chevy Impala
The fucking shot caller
No commas or dollars
Just stank marijuana i got from Nevada
I'm hitting nirvana and fucking Madonna
Mirage of a brain that's encompassed by trauma

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