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Chariot Of Fire - text


Pussy, pussy boy, back up off me 'fore you bleed
Pussy, pussy boy, back up off me 'fore you bleed
Back up off me 'fore you bleed

I got gorillas that surround me, bitch, I'm Caesar
They know what I'm 'bout, that boy out the south, forever I'm grieving
Pussy, pussy boy back up off me before you bleed
We them crooks, bitch, I'm taking what I'm needing
Rule number one, I'm never shitting where I'm sleeping
Think you the one, but I'm the one that they call Jesus
Made masterpieces, left the country, stamped some visas
This now my kingdom, put my flag up then I'm leaving, rest in pieces

[Bridge: LIL OOZING]
Fuck boy pull up, fuck boy pull up
Fuck boy pull up, fuck boy pull up

[Verse 2: LIL OOZING]
Fuckboy pull up with a pistol gripped, ay hold up
Lil' bitch, what the fuck you think this is?
This ain't a game, we ain't playing, this is it
Those fangs in your throat's range, boy, get a grip
Shadow expanding without a cloud in the sky
Black spot where the sun once was
It's that full moon, bulletproof goon looming in a tomb
Chewing up someone's buzz
Never releasing the doves, keep 'em locked up and let em rot
Let the whole flock gather in a spot
There's a hole marked "rather end a plot" flooded with bugs
The blood that floods us, pools at the root of the crop

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