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[Verse 1: $LICK $LOTH]
Look out and it's black outside
Overcast with a couple grey skies
Shotty blast right through my eyes
Broken glass where my dead body lies
Goddamn I hate my fucking life so I stay high as a kite
Don't strive to do nothing right
Disguised in the pale moonlight
No price to pay the devil despite my unsafe levels of toxins
I always meddle
Just lay me down in my grave
$uicide no escape
And it seems I'm going insane
When you start to look forward to pain

All I really want is a blunt
Light it with the punk
See the fireworks burst
Sunk right back in the funk
See me try and work something
Dump me in the fucking trunk
Every time I fail I feel stale
I want to kick the pale
I want to find a trail so I can build a motherfucking rail
Fell into a fucking hole
It happened about a month ago
It lingered for a month or so and now I know that I am broke
I am broke
I am broken again, again, again

Text přidala wendy1134

Video přidala wendy1134

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