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[Intro: Sample]
Fine and terrible, ha-ha-ha-ha

[Verse 1: Yung Scarecrow]
I got this nine on my side every time the wheels slide
Crucified with the mind of a parking lot God
Cruising by with the shine on my teeth and on my wrist
I try to run try to hide but I can't escape the grip
Grabbing the ratchet then go Casper
Disappear into the night
I got wings but I can’t fly
Just broken bones hang from my spine
Broken phones, ghosts on my line
Home alone, ghosts in my mind
Blow my dome its $uicide
Down below where I reside

[Verse 2: Yung Plague]
Send 'em in the fucking flames
Got a tank full of propane
No name on my grave
Gold chain collecting dust
I ain't trying to shine
I'm trying to light this fucking blunt
Hoes saying "Let me puff"
Bitch, get the fuck up off of my dick
Go holla at Slick he'll tell you the same
I ain't got time for a bitch
I be that dead pimp
Hit a lick, hoe
Sinking like a lead blimp
Goat bled
Sins shed
Choking I'ma overdose
I'm hoping I don't get sick

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Video přidala wendy1134

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