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Behold a Pale Horse - text


[Intro: Frou Frou]
Not sure what space I'm in, oh well
Not sure what space I'm in, oh well
Rain rushing, window pane, oh well
Rain rushing, window pane, oh well

[Verse 1: Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard]
Resurrection of the leopard
Spotted death
I never met her
If I did I think I'd tell her "Fuck yourself. I'm shredding cheddar."
And all these blunts keep burning better
Why would I kill myself now?
Because I'd like to see the world burn just to soak up smoke and ash like a burning urn
Fuck killing myself I'll just spread the death amongst all of y'all
$uicideboy bitch
One for one and all for none
Bitch I'm built to fall
Yall keep flossing
Money tossing
Level crossing
I will plot the apocalypse with a blunt on my lips
Steady heavy coughing
Dancing on y'alls fucking grave
Slice my wrist and fucking wave
Then call up $lick to smoke out the cave
Fuck getting paid
Bitch I'm roasting in the flames, aye

[Verse 2: Trap Hou$e $crim]
Pull up and I kill everyone at your wake
Then commit $uicide by taking one to the face
Every time I walk around, smell the tree on my clothes
Lean in my hand, coke in my nose
Eat a motherfucker's face if I ain't got shit to eat
Half the time I'm looking homeless, bitch I live in the streets
Put these bitches face down when I climb in they sheets
Ain't got no mother fucking bands, but that gold on my teeth
Bury the bodies in the ground by my next door neighbor
AK-47 tucked under my table
Living with my pops just so I can watch cable
My whole clique a Savage Squad like my first name was Fredo

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