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Blessed In Blood - text

The moon bellowed its tears on the crying lake
At nightfall
Buried by embrace
The moon sunk neath the screaming sun of day

The calling of trees, the murderous breeze
The silence of death in the air
Relentless inside, the motherless bride
Left tears on this night of despair

Inhale the vanity, relinquish humanity
A darkened forest blessed with bedight
A mist of cold air draws death from despair
Cruelty brought from the night

From tonight we weave our brothers to the woods were we will slay them
Paralyzing cries of hate entwining worlds of fate
Blood is pouring like the rain upon these grounds of chaos
Screaming leads to dying mercy fulfilled for the weak

Man has thought here
Have fallen here
Spirits remain here
Silenced every motion
Cries seem to do nothing
On your own sinking into
The darkness from which you came

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Blessed In Blood

Suicide Crypt texty

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