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We Long For Your Blood - text

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Dismemberment its how i get revenge
im taking the pieces i value
here comes the chopping block
your neck is next just hope the blade makes it through
Eyelids torn off
to let the truth in
this aggression stems forth
from my frustrations
I want to hear your last goodbyes
dont look around for a rescue
Cause we all want you dead
this storm of hatred cant be stopped now
and your gonna suffer
no one is gonna save you now
This soul is blackened
no light shines in
The last chance of life
you had left
just came and went
like a bullet through the chest
How does it feel to be strapped down
lifes almost over
stop breathing your out of luck
This is what when i let it all go
no one is spared no one is spared
i hear the voices
Hack the head the beg me
saw through the neck there screaming
we long for your blood

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