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Some Things Should Be Left Alone - text

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Dampness becomes this night
Half moon illuminates the scene
A gathering of unsuspecting souls
Are about to embark on a journey
From which they will not return
Telling tales an ominous figure
Is seen in the distance
Curious souls will
Always have a need to investigate
Some things should be left alone
This creature is not of this dimension
It lusts for the blood of man's flesh
And this eve the blood shall rain
In an instant claws of immense size
Rip limbs from their hosts
Razor sharp claws take chunks of meat
One soul in a desperate attempt to save the others
Offers himself a sacrificial lamb
The creature will have none of this
It is here for one thing and that is the blood of
Spines snapped, heads cracked, carnage ensues
The ones who shall find this scene of malevolence
Shall be forever scarred

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