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Low and behold aeons lives vilified
Enraptured fearing, bleeding, eternal reprise
Succumb to the chaos, subliminal ties
Infecting lost prophecies, awaken ancient binds
Enslaved from the birth, humanity quells
Unnerving feelings culled,and dissatisfied
Prepare for the coming of mass genocide
Death becomes welcome the pinnacle of bedlam
Foretold in life's blood
Encoded false hypocrisy
Scales tip in degradation
Holographic mis-reality
Chaos, the beginning of sacrifice
the devout stripped
The pastors are praying
and their false gods have become undefined
Genetic encroachment, all minds crucified
Your death becomes welcome, the pinnacle of bedlam
Flagurate, disperse the inner tides
Propagate, virus debilitates
Infiltrate, hopes deceased for a divine future
Repugnance, the cure of all reincarnations
Born into despair, No life to lead,
Unbarring breed, The cleansing has begun
Doomed into a retrograde entity
Dim humanity, prolonged disparity
Depressed, obsessed, lucid philosophy
As the reaping sews, the pinnacle of bedlam
Chaos, the approaching extinction
Impending purge, all life cast aside
The immense sickness destroying our once sovereign kind
Imploding humanity, all life crucified
Death becomes welcome, the pinnacle of bedlam.

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Pinnacle Of Bedlam


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