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The answer to all questions
Was once whispered
It echoes perpetually
Throughout the halls of time
Forcing man to perceive destiny
The essential frequency of life's essence
Was once pure and untainted
But man will and must drift
Into the numb and dissident
Guiding lost souls from the womb to the grave
Converting all who were free to a slave
The true message distorted
As intertwined and lost
Causing man to seek the source
The profound essence of conquest
Aimlessly wandering, seeking the unknown
Drifting too far to feel the reverberations
Inverting the message
The secret was intertwined...
..and lost within itself, and reversed life's passage
Alter - life's frequencies
Only somehow we feel the truth
It distorts - and inverts
Life's frequencies
Life's passage
Reversal of the message
To alter perception
As time passes and life's frequency is altered
As time passes and life's frequency is altered

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...of the Dark Light


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