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Caught Between Two Worlds - text

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Transcend the continuous
The unspeakable
Continuum of suffering
There is no end, the future eternal
What should be over, is dragged out for eternity
Confined to a loop which has no end
Our flesh, the physical, will dissolve
And the essence is all that remains
Drifting, latching on to anything that's obtainable
Caught between two worlds
Where one without the other can not exist
Transcending beyond the atmospheric realm
From the first breath of deception
To the last gasp of hope
Drawing deceit into lungs
You look over your shoulder
Hoping not to see
What you think it is you saw
But it is, it always is
Always by yourself, but never alone
You see things, that no one else sees
Hearing the whisper, speaking the ancient words
Unbound power bestowed
Excruciating visions
But are they visions?
Or are they real
Manifestations of death
Seeing atrocious things
Feeling horrible pains
Living out the end of eternity

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