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Cataclysmic Purification - text

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A calamitous future-
warning cries of inhuman terror
as time elapses
a period of purification draws near.
Those who survive
will endure endless
dark periods of spaces and time
Visionary - profound
The wounds of all
have become one
Rise to power
Ominous games of slaughter
a future yet to unfold
Fire and swords
shall sweep the land
the end of time
this unnumbered
the terrible judge
will judge his people.
Indigenous events plague
Indigenous events plague
first light of wisdom
the 4th world will end
and the 5th will begin
Cataclysmic changes
will soon be upon us.
The world will be set on fire
the great day of purification
period of worthy change.
Indigenous events plague
Indigenous events plague
Indigenous events plague
Indigenous events plague.

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