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Where Is Lucky - text


I'm over here in the sand
a foreign face in foreign land
and every hour is like a year
I'm growin' old while over here
we're all for one and one for all
waitin' for the sky to fall
and when it hits some will die
but if I don't you'll hear me cry

tell me where is Lucky
Lucky was my only friend

I never met the enemy
still I suppose he's just like me
he loves his kids he loves his flag
and fits inside a body bag
and over there on the other side
the other guys can't sleep tonight
the fire's rainin' it's rainin' down
and through it all I hear the sound

tell me where is Lucky
Lucky was my only friend

and if you wanna' tll me something
tell me why we couldn't stay together

Text přidal nightmareph

Video přidala damnedSeal

Album 1994

Subway to Sally texty

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