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Rip me off the heart - The body burn!
Here comes the pain
Despair will be nice - Celebrate and cry!
Pityful is great
Look at yourself - Look at the shine!
The machine is ready to kill
To jugulate - To try the flavor!
The flavor doesn't disappear
We are loosing our self-preservation
We are spilling the salt into eyes
Our leaded conscience is is pulling us down
It's breaking our bone one thousand times
Switch off the light - Switch off the power!
Take a look of these mortal remains
We want to be blind - we want to forget it!
Suicide will be...Paradise!

We slowly all die
We will suffer
There's no salvation
We will suffer

We are the breed - The breed of hate!
Scum and filth is running in our veins
We´ll destroy the future
Future will be gone
We are going to kill - We are going to kill!

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