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Stories Can Wait - text

It's all lies and fiction,
Everything we had
I'm done with fighting, done with fixing,
Enough of being sad
And the lights are hurting,
But they make me feel free
They have done more,
Than you ever did for me

You should know better,
Let the cheating be untrue
I used to care but now I don't give a damn about you, no

You can say you're sorry,
But I don't mind though
You can look me in the eyes,
And keep up this show
Your false pretentions and promises,
They mean nothing anymore
And you will think I cry,
But I don't know what for

And if tonight it's all I have,
I make it worth my time
Lift it up and drink it down,
'Cause tonight is mine
You should know better,
That the past of your way through
I used to care but now I don't give a damn about you, no

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