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Pass Me The Lazerbeam - text


Pass me the Lazer beam
Make me wipe off and licka them clean
Pass me the Lazer beam
Make me wipe off and licka them clean
Bud Gaugh comes with his M-16
Snow come with the AK to the 47
Lovin' the lovin' the lovin' the lovin' the dj
All over a town called LA

I woke up in the morning
I was at Ramy's pad
I looked up and saw Bud going to town
On a little fine hyna that he met the night before
He knew he was the man
But he knew she was a whore
Oh yeah, they comin', they comin', they comin', with a Boss DJ
He took the money home and gave it to Sancho
But that's the way the money goes
Rise it up and let the talent flow
Cause give it love time and they said give it away
We went downtown to a town called LA
It was half an hour drive about driving from Long Beach
But still every time I'm feeling so out of reach
So I went down to club Lingerie
We took a big bus all the way to LA
When we stepped out all the people said
Ay we wanna drinka, drinka, drinka
Said uppa get get up on the dance floor
and lovin', lovin', make the music lovin' me
Take all the love and make it walk over me
When we got home end of the night i was sick
15 minutes later she was up up on the dick
I said lord, lord, lord make the lovin' give away
I don't have protection so I'll just make my mistake
But blue balls always take all your love away
You love and you love and you love but you one can't say
And this is how it happened to me
Went down to the clinic, positive HIV
HIV was never no friend to me
I love, I love, I leave, I leave it anyway
But oh god please I'll protect after this
Never want no music make me feel God blessed
Said I Love, I love, I love, I love, I love
I love, I love, I love, I love, I love
One DJ causing trouble
Take your love away from me

Lou makes friends...

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