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The darkness within my soul
Is the place where he's rested and growed
An entity that's slept for years
Has become the sacred man
And he's causing Pain

He showed me things i've never known
He gave me the power to see through
But he also showed me pain
The pain within me

I know their is no escape
He is the voice inside my head
He is my destiny
And he knows my weakness and my guilt
The sacred man is watching me

I can fly
Above the abyss of my life
But i'm afraid of falling down
On my bloody trail
To where my curse will end
I have to accept that he is a part of me
Part of me
The sacred man is watching me
No matter what i'm gonna be

I walk through life With opened eyes
And i'm damned to see
I see their fears
Their hidden tears
Which are caused

By their own lives
I don't understand why this power is in my hand i can't escape
This sea of faces in which i'm, drowning
And i am scared about the friendly face
Which hides a frustrated life
I don't understand
Why they cannot chance their goals
They never ever change their goals
Sometimes i bear
A cross of stone
And i've to wear
A crown of thorns
I'm bleeding and i bleed

Sometimes i wish
To go insane
'cause i can see
Through their filthy game

They are playing to carry on
I'm freezing

Please help me understand
The pain that guides my life
I'm never satisfied

We live our lives
With gabled minds
They control us
Via satellite

They preach work and family
But they will lead us to apathy

I don't want to be part of this society
Where greed and power are new sanctuaries
I just want to live in peace and harmony
But he won't leave
He'll never go away

Ignorance and innocence are surrounding me
I hide behind a mighty wall
For getting out of reach

I don't understand
Why he has chosen me
I need love and i starve
For a warm embrace
But i can't find peace in mind
'cause i ain't satisfied

I can fly above the abyss of my life
But i'm afraid of falling down
On my bloody trail
To where my curse will end i have
To accept that he is part of me

Part of me

I'm looking for the clues
And i search for forbidden views
Of ordinary life

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